Hoodie Allen feat. Ed Sheeran: ‘All About It’ Music Video Review

Hoodie Allen feat. Ed Sheeran: ‘All About It’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Hoodie Allen via YouTube

Courtesy of Hoodie Allen via YouTube

If you have ever wanted to see Ed Sheeran dance around in a super hero costume while rapping, then you’re in luck. Look no further than the music video for Hoodie Allen’s latest single from People Keep Talking, “All About It.”

While People Keep Talking was released in October and the track’s music video in November, “All About It” has been receiving increased attention from both radio stations and Internet listeners. This week, it slid into the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the last spot, and it is currently sitting at No. 33 on the iTunes’ overall Top Songs chart and No. 4 on the Hip-Hop/Rap Top Songs chart.

The New York-based rapper and Top 40 British singer-songwriter may seem like total opposites and unlikely to create a catchy track sans the awkwardness of genre hopping, but that’s not totally true. While there are some hints of awkwardness, it almost seems to be done on purpose with lots of dancing in weird costumes to support it. Plus, Allen’s pop undertones in his beats allow for a smooth transition for Sheeran’s involvement even if he straight-up ditched the acoustic guitar and crooning vocals for a borderline rap parody.

While still entertaining, the video really has no storyline other than throwing together a bunch of things that seem like they would be fun and creating a montage. This mainly includes the opening shot of Allen in a full astronaut suit with a girl on each side, the aforementioned super hero costume for each artist complete with fake abs and capes, Allen jogging on a treadmill with a burrito in hand (again, a girl on each side), and other random happenings the duo saw fit like hitting an apple with a baseball bat and a cake in the face.

The song kicks off with Allen emphasizing exactly how much he’s all about it before launching into his first verse: “Cause I got soul and I won’t quit / And your dad don’t like it when I talk my shit / Cause I’m all about it baby / I’m all about it baby.” He continues for a few more lines before allowing Sheeran to take center stage with a verse that seems to be more of a parody in the vein of The Lonely Island than a serious attempt. Sheeran says it best himself: he is “not a rapper just a singer with a game plan,” as Allen mockingly strums a guitar and dances in the astronaut suit.

Sheeran continues with “I just wanna leak shit (what?) / Not literally leak shit / Wanna push the music through the speakers,” which is further proven by warning that “every song [he] features on has capacity to be reborn.” This line is almost egotistical as Sheeran, who is in the height of his career, more than likely is a major reason the track is getting so much play at the moment. Hoodie Allen is a fantastic artist in his own right, but the added bonus of a popular songster making an appearance on his track was bound to get him some attention from fans of Sheeran who had perhaps not heard of him until now.

After a repeat of the chorus, Allen then references Sheeran’s opening line from the opposite spectrum by explaining “I’m not a singer, I just rap pretty,” which he says gives him a fan base full of girls—represented by one on each of his sides as he jogs and eats a burrito—who are “wondering if there’s room for them to get on [his] bus.” This is described by Allen as “typical rapper actin’ a typical fashion” but also says he’s doing things differently, which is made obvious by his style of rap meets pop and soul.

After another run through of the chorus, the track and video slowly fade out with Sheeran getting back to his singing ways with a final verse: “And they don’t know anything about us / Or anything about us / Or anything about it / No, no, no.” All the while, the video cycles through the different scenes and costumes showing the duo dancing until finally it ends with astronaut Allen launching a toy rocket.

Hoodie Allen will be supporting Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy on the Boys of Zummer Tour this summer. His self-released debut full-length, People Keep Talking, is available now.

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