Hooray for Earth - Keys (Official Music Video)

Hooray for Earth – Keys

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The “Keys” music video by Hooray for Earth is a captivating visual of machine within nature. In the woods at dusk, a motorcyclist coasts down a winding road, the wildness of nature flashing by, visible in the reflection of his helmet’s clear glass visor. As soon as darkness hits, so does the distorted, gritty rock guitar riff, and reflections of trees and lights tear by creating an almost strobe light effect. The camera zooms closer and closer to the helmet’s visor, focusing on the face faintly illuminated within. The head inside alternates between a handful of different people, as well as a skeleton skull. Several of the faces are bland – without makeup or accessories of any kind. Others though are partially obscured by a hand eerily creeping up inside of the helmet, grabbing hold of the person’s jaw. Or still more are taken over by a reptilian tail, or are invaded by the forest, with leaves and flora overgrowing on the faces. Some have a viscous red liquid dripping down. On the bridge of the song, this theme is interrupted by extreme closeups of bodies and hands writhing sensually together. The effect is bewitching.

Directed by Beau Burrows and Tucker Bliss
Production Company – 1st Ave Machine and North of New York
Creative Director – Aaron Duffy
Producer – William Crouse
Editor – Rhys Stover
Director of Photography – Tucker Bliss
First AD – James Koenigsberg
Record Label – Dovecote Records

Website: hoorayforearth.net
Facebook: facebook.com/hoorayforearth

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