How I Met Your Mother: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

How I Met Your Mother: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

How I Met Your Mother: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Our part one article featured the first seven things on our list that you didn’t know about How I Met Your Mother, and we have finally returned with part two to reveal the final top eight! We all adore the sweet and comical love story presented in this series, but there is much more story to discover that they don’t tell you about in the show. Follow along with us to find out everything there is to know about How I Met Your Mother!

Number Eight: Oh, Canada! Cobie Smulders played a shining star of a woman, Robin, who had a strong passion for her homeland of Canada. She is exceptionally good at playing this part, especially because she is actually from Vancouver, Canada, herself!

Number Seven: The Mother. The producers went to extreme lengths to acquire the talents of the actress who played the Mother, Cristin Milloti, immediately after they knew that she was the one. She got the part after 30 minutes on Skype, and they flew her to LA, where she auditioned with scenes completely irrelevant for the show. Despite the lack of preparation, they knew she was perfect.

Number Six: The Children. Ted’s children are played by actress Lyndsy Fonseca and actor David Henrie. In order to maintain consistency in their ages for the show, every scene they appeared in had to be shot in the first season.

Number Five: The Awkward Moment. Jason Segal is widely known for his part on Freaks and Geeks, where he co-starred with Samm Levine. Awkwardly enough, he auditioned and was rejected for the part of Barney. To make it even more awkward, he made a guest appearance in the first season.

Number Four: The Guest Stars. The producers have a tendency to include the family of their stars. David Burtka, Neil Patrick Harris’ husband, makes an appearance as Lily’s blast-from-the-past, Scooter. Cobie Smulders’ husband also plays the part of Barney and Marshall’s coworker, Gary Blauman.

Number Three: A Special Direction. In addition to all of Neil Patrick Harris’ amazing talents, we can add spectacular director to the list. The first thing he ever directed was the episode of this series in which Marshall’s coworker, Jenkins, hits on him.

Number Two: Not a Father’s Day. Of all the How I Met Your Mother episodes, one of the most memorable is Not a Father’s Day. Oddly enough, this is a real day, celebrated on November 10th. This is also the day that this episode premiered.

Number One: The Proposal. When Ted and Robin are about to break up, a funny scene occurs in which an engagement ring in a glass of champagne is accidentally delivered to the wrong table, which happened to be Ted and Robin’s. The real-life man which the ring belonged to at a nearby table had actually planned this out with the creators, and he really asked his girlfriend to marry him during the filming! We hope you enjoyed reading about everything there is to know about How I Met Your Mother!

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