How Old Will You Be When You Get Married?

How Old Will You Be When You Get Married?

How Old Will You Be When You Get Married?
This quiz will help you predict when you'll walk down that infamous aisle.
1. What's your number one career goal?
To make $$$
To live to be 40
To have a good 401K
To find happiness
2. Generally speaking, how do you feel about commitment?
I can barely commit to breakfast.
It gives me much-needed stability
I'm all about forever, and ever, and ever
3. What kind of lifestyle do you ultimately want?
One that gives me food and shelter
A white picket fence
One where I'm not homeless
One where I'm at my happiest
4. How long was your most serious relationship?
Does buying breakfast together in the morning count?
Three months
Three years
All of Fall semester Junior year!
You are, like, sooooo over high school! And you're so in love. You can barely see two feet in front of you, but you are *so* sure you know what forever means. If dropping hints about that ring doesn't get your quarterback star of a senior boyfriend to propose, perhaps a fake (or real?!) pregnancy will work.
You're sensible, but you're not totally responsible yet. Though 25 is still younger than average to get married, it's old enough that you know what you're getting yourself into. Just don't forget to sign those prenups.
You know what you want, and you're willing to wait to have it. You're focusing on your career, and if that means you shirk your romantic life, that's OK...for now. You'll get yours later. Trust.
You're Never Getting Married
You know what you want, but in quite a different way. You may not be totally against love, but you're against the "institution," the "man," and any overarching concepts that require you to sign something. Plus, you've always thought you look bad in white. This is for the best.
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