How To Regain Your Balance With Swegway

How To Regain Your Balance With Swegway

How To Regain Your Balance With Swegway
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If you lose your balance and are about to fall but you, somehow, manage to regain your balance in an instant, how would you feel? Do you remember your first few sessions of skating or ice-skating? Well, prepare yourself for a similar thrilling and exhilarating experience with Swegway!

What is a Swegway

Some people may not really know what a Swegway is. Swegway (also known by a few other names) is a self-balancing two-wheeler board. It’s a portable scooter with just a board and two wheels with a rechargeable battery. The rider stands on this horizontal board. The rider’s feet control the device with the help of the built-in sensors.


Now that you know what a Swegway is, let me share some more details. Swegway is ultra-quiet and hands-free, though now some companies in the United States have introduced improvised models of Swegway with an angular (near vertical) rod and a small handle. Your feet and body do whatever steering and control is required to be done on the Swegway. The sensors fitted in the foot pad are sensitive enough to capture even a very little pressure from your foot. A gentle sway of your body on either side is sufficient to guide the Swegway in the direction that you wish to travel in. In a way, you glide your way to your destination almost effortlessly. It indeed is very thrilling and satisfying as well. What fun!


Swegway is believed to have been invented in China about 3 to 4 years ago. It soon became very popular in China and many manufacturers sprung up to mass produce the Swegway. And very soon, it found its way to the other countries including the West.

Swegway became immensely popular almost overnight when numerous celebrities showed up with the device. Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Kendall Jenner and Jamie Foxx contributed their bit towards making Swegway popular amongst the masses.

Connection of Swegway and Kendall Jenner

When a manufacturer gave a Swegway to Kendall Jenner, she proudly posted a video of herself riding it on Instagram. This video was a viral hit on the social media. This led to many other celebrities asking the manufacturer Phunkee Tree for free samples. Widespread coverage of this news further added to the popularity of Swegway in a very short time.

Recently, some companies have added Bluetooth speakers to the Swegway which allow the rider to play music.


Even young kids find a Swegway safe to ride. They say that it’s as simple as riding your bicycle. Just charge up the battery once and the long-lasting charge will permit you to ride for a long time. Happy riding!

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