How to Survive Shared Living at College?

How to Survive Shared Living at College?

What can be better than your first year at college?! You enter the first stage of your adult life, during which you will be experiencing many things for the first time – first time leaving the parental home, the first time being completely on your own! You are becoming more independent and mature. However, this period of your life will not be as simple as it is shown in movies and you will have to put enough efforts, time and patience to survive this time, and this article aims to help you through it!

What aspects to consider?

Mainly four primary aspects of your shared living need to be considered to avoid unpleasant situations. Namely, they are:

Shopping and bills – this is probably the first thing that you will have to discuss. Of course, if you live together with someone there are going to be certain things that you will be using together (mainly household items such as washing powder, toilet paper, and so on) and you will have to create a shared budget for such things and discuss who is going to buy them.

Co-education. Studying together can be quite tough because college dorm rooms are often crowded and loud, but you have to respect and help each other. And if you feel like shared living doesn’t give you a possibility to complete a certain task on time, you should consider ordering it from a reliable essay writing service like This way you will have your homework done and won’t get into a fight with your neighbors because of the studies!

Cleaning and duties. You will have to divide duties. The best idea is to make a chart (schedule) with your names, assigned duties (include cleaning, cooking and shopping), and dates when each of you has to complete these tasks!

A few practical tips to help you survive the shared living in college!

In conclusion, we would like to draw your attention to several obvious but yet very important rules that will help you to divide the responsibilities at an early stage, build a friendship with your neighbors and make your shared living much more comfortable and pleasant!

  • Consider interests and preferences of those who live with you!

  • Analyze your bad habits that can irritate or embarrass your neighbors (if you are not sure about what they are – ask your friends what they see as an inappropriate behavior from your side) and try to reckon with their opinions!

  • Devote enough time to improve and strengthen your friendship (spend time together).

  • Share your plans and routines with each other.

  • No matter how close you are with your neighbors, always respect each other’s personal space because once in awhile everyone wants to spend some time alone.

Keep these tips in mind, and your experience of living in the college dorm room will not be dulled with unpleasant situations, fights, and misunderstandings!

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