Hudson and Troop - Flying Close (Official Music Video)

Hudson and Troop – Flying Close

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Hudson and Troop definitely got the memo: we love seeing things get slow-motion destroyed in music videos. The art of destruction has been a theme in countless clips, but “Flying Close” brings a unique plot to the concept. It begins with a boy and girl driving a beat-up car to the top of the hill. Their faces are filthy and determined as they stare straight ahead and focus on what they are about to do. When they get to the top, they cut the engine and begin pushing it downhill. Jumping back inside, they use blowtorches to pop out the doors so they can surf them down the incline. As the vocalist proclaims that “summer is coming,” the two vandals coast down the hill on the dismantled car doors with fiery excitement in their eyes. Just when you start to wonder about the meaning of their actions, you see that they are approaching a massive hill that is stacked high with other old car doors. As the random act unfolds into a significant tradition, the music ties it all together beautifully with its uplifting tone.

Director – Michael Shanks
Producer – Chris Hocking
Executive Producers – Nicholas Colla and Daniel Daperis
Cinematographer – Edward Goldner
Makeup Artist – Eloise Loxton
Camera Assistant/Grip – Austin Haigh
Production Assistant – Jared Daperis
Traffic Control – Sam Rankin, Craig Green, Steven Green and Greg Don
Editor – Chris Hocking
Colourist – CJ Dobson
Visual Effects – Michael Shanks and Chris Hocking
3D Artist – Louie Mcnamara


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