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Huge Dog Approaches Grandma, Now Watch What She Does

Huge Dog Approaches Grandma, Now Watch What She Does

What would you do if you ever saw a massive 106-pound dog approach a frail old woman? I know I would try to do something and get the dog away from her because the old woman wouldn’t be able to defend herself if the dog wanted to attack. However, the story that you are about to see will make you rethink that decision!

20. Great Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The Great Pyrenean is a huge mountain dog. As you can probably tell from this picture, this breed of dogs gets pretty massive and adults can easily go over 100-pounds.

19. Noble History

The cool thing about Great Pyrenean dogs is their history. These dogs were used to guard nobles and you won’t believe where they used to live!!

18. Medieval Castles

Due to their massive size and gentle nature, these dogs were perfect to guard nobles. In fact, nearly all medieval castles had at least one Great Pyrenean dog roaming around. Isn’t this amazing?

17. Scary Dogs

Even though their size is what makes them famous, this feature can also be quite scary. This is why everyone freaked out when they saw a Great Pyrenean approach an elderly lady in a hospital room.

16. Winston

This dog’s name is Winston and he visits hospitals every day. Even though dogs are generally not allowed in hospitals, Winston gets a pass and you won’t believe why!

15. Cloud Dog

This dog looks like a cloud and he has an essential role in the hospital. In fact, Winston is just like a regular employee of the hospital and the next picture will show you why.

14. Meeting Winston

The reason why Winston is allowed to come to hospitals is because the staff wants people to meet him. The giant dog has a gentle nature and this makes him the ideal comfort dog.

13. She Is Not Scared!

While it might seem like this elderly woman is scared of Winston, this isn’t the case. The woman is actually excited to meet Winston because she heard so much about him. The next picture will prove that to you!

12. Comfort Dog

As we can clearly see, Winston is a comfort dog. People love to meet him and this is why he is brought to the hospital. If you thought this picture is amazing, then you are not ready for #9.

11. Big Smile

If we were to create a description of Winston’s job, then it would have to be that he brings smiles to people’s faces. Just look at how happy this woman is when she sees Winston.

10. Petting Winston

People who met Winston are saying that petting him feels just like touchy a fluffy cloud. Seniors don’t have that many activities to do in the hospital and spending time with Winston is their favorite thing to do.

9. Good Boy

Winston is a good boy and there’s no doubt about that. You can tell that Winston would never hurt anyone just by looking at his happy face.

8. Fluffy Dog

The most amazing thing about Winston is that he loves being around elderly people! The dog somehow senses they are not feeling well and he sits calmly in their lap. Isn’t this incredible?

7. Smooches

Winston enjoys being pet, but the thing that he likes the most is getting smooches from his “patients”. Not just that, but Winston also gets lots of delicious treats every time he comes around the hospital.

6. Dog Therapy

Doctors say that having a dog around the hospital is like therapy for people, especially for elderly ones who don’t get that many visits from their kids and nephews. Winston acts like a loved one for them and this is why they enjoy his company so much.

5. Excitement

This picture shows us how excited people get when Winston comes around. Although, who wouldn’t love petting a dog who looks and feels like a cloud?

4. Happy People

Even though Winston’s size might scare some people away, the only thing that matters is that he loves doing his job and that he brings smiles to people’s faces. Don’t you think so?

3. Doctors Love Him!

The patients are not the only ones who love having Winston around because the doctors like playing with him too. There’s nothing that helps doctors relief stress other than playing around with Winston.

2. The Best Employee

If one thing is sure, then it must be that Winston’s job is to make people happy and that he does a great job!

1. Delicious Treats

The best perk of being a comfort dog is the number of sweet treats that Winston gets from people. This is a win-win situation because Winston gets to eat what he likes while hospital patients get to spend time with him.

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