Hulu: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)

Hulu: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)

Hulu: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)

We’ve already shared a few important things with you about this online streaming service  in Part 1 of our list Hulu: 15 things you should know. Here are a few more facts that will help you get to know this service.

Number Eight: It’s Not Available Everywhere. As of 2016, Hulu is only available in the U.S., U.S.-held territories, and Japan. All other locations are blocked based on IP addresses.

Number Seven: Expansion Attempts Aren’t Always Successful. The company tried to expand its streaming services to Ireland and the United Kingdom in 2009. However, the business plan was abandoned when finalized content deals failed to materialize.

Number Six. A Huge Buyout Failed. Yahoo tried to buy Hulu in 2011. However, the deal fell through because the company owners could not agree on the terms for content licensing, and Hulu was taken off the selling market.

Number Five. Anti-Bullying is Key. Hulu takes a strong anti-bullying stance in its blog posts and streamed content. In 2014, they joined forces with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to curate content for LGBT Spirit Day. This content included series such as My So-Called Life, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sailor Moon.

Number Four: Documentary Achieves Cult Status. While many TV shows such as Saturday Night Live (SNL) spend a fair amount of time on major networks before reaching cult status, James Franco’s documentary, Saturday Night, reached almost instantaneous success through its Hulu premiere in 2014. It started out as an NYU film project to showcase Bill Hader from SNL.

Number Three: Company Shows Up to Comic-Con. The video streaming service is a familiar presence at Comic-Con in San Diego where actors from their current original animation series show up to a meet-and-greet and discussion panels for fans.

Number Two: Pinterest Boards Showcase Their Content. Want to interact with the company online? Then head over to their official Pinterest page where you can find boards dedicated to the service’s shows and movies. Their Pinterest board on Modern TV Lunch Boxes is pretty great too. You can find the company’s Pinterest page here:

Number One: It Has Staying Power. Online video streaming growth has exploded in the last few years, and Hulu’s streaming services are no exception. While predicted that their revenue stream in 2012 would grow to $600 million, reported its 2012 revenue at closer to $700 million, a very healthy financial cushion indeed.

It will be very interesting to see what this service has planned for its viewers in the future. We hope you enjoyed our list of Hulu: 15 things you should know!

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