Hundred Waters - Thistle (Official Music Video)

Hundred Waters – Thistle

Hundred Waters – Thistle

The morbid image of a broken piñata horse hanging from somewhere is the opening of “Thistle” by Hundred Waters. It is cut free and collapses to the ground, where the stop motion begins as it proceeds to get up. Symbolism of things like the words “you” and “them”, as well as the symbol for infinity and a swirling tea cup start to show up, among many other visually stimulating things as the horse takes off at a gallop, eventually coming to a stop at a body of water it wants to cross. It starts to become disturbing as the horse keeps repeatedly being buried by sand, and much the same way as in the beginning, looks at a picture that details it being restrained, tied up, or possibly even killed. Eventually the horse continues on its journey, only now we see its insides, and things accidentally keep getting inside of it as it travels, taking parts of the scenery with it. The video is a strange piece, and might take a few watches to really understand the meaning.

An animated film by Martin Allais
from Hundred Waters’ Thistle EP
Production: Eduard Ruano, Martin Allais
Animation: Claudi Sorribas, Martin Allais, Pablo Romero
Horse-maker: Miguel Garigliano
Art Team: Eva Puyuelo Muns, Pablo Romero, Dominique Aizpurua, Dessire Guirao, Sol Prado, Gacy Sarubbi
Photography: Marcos Pasquin, Eduard Ruano, Martin Allais, Digital Composition, Florent Bastide
Animation Consulting & Storyboard: Pere Hernandez, Javier Vaquero
Pre-light: Emili Guirao
Light Equipment: Moviemen
Colaborators: Clara Soler Chopo, Maria Elvira Reymond
Thanks To: Todojunto, Noé Allais, Irene Herrera, Ariadna Serrahima, Diego Bustamante, Ruben Ramirez


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