Hundreds - Beehive (Prelude)

Hundreds – Beehive (Prelude)

Hundreds – Beehive (Prelude)

“Beehive (Prelude)” is an instrumental variation of a song by Hundreds, and starts off with a lone girl in a white dress than has a sharp contrast to the dark night-scape she is standing against. She starts carefully moving through the forest as lights keep passing by from above; at first its unclear if they are supposed to be searchlights on some kind of flying vehicle from above her or what, and throughout the video we see her reaching up towards the sky as if she is trying touch the lights, or whatever is just above her head or out of reach. Continuing on her surreal journey, she goes through a field and the forest, which sometimes fade away to black completely before eventually coming back, the amorphous lights changing colors from white to stark violet hues at times.  This is certainly an interesting piece to look at, especially for the dream-like quality the images have throughout.

Beehive (Prelude) is an instrumental variation of a new track from the upcoming album AFTERMATH. The new album will be released via Sinnbus on march 14th 2014.

Record label: SINNBUS

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