Hundreds - Ten Headed Beast (Official Music Video)

Hundreds – Ten Headed Beast

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Ten Headed Beast” by Hundreds is a delightful music video with a captivating track. We first see a well-lit sky with clouds that barely block the sun, a tall tree with suitcases hanging from its branches, and an open field with missiles floating in the air. It’s uncertain whether or not the missiles will hit the ground. Eva Milner, half of Hundreds, begins singing at a table with various fruits by her side and six arms carrying apples. The “Ten Headed Beast” is a mythological classic that talks about the tale of Hydra, who is the beast with many heads. Putting the beast to rest is a difficult thing to do. Throughout the video, the viewer will see many versions of Milner as she sings about conflicting feelings and perspectives. She also contemplates on her decisions, questioning if she’s made the right ones. The track is honest, pure, and personal. With Philipp Milner by her side, they create beautiful sounds with a synthesizer, piano, and various beats. Eva Milner’s voice is soothing, making this music video worth watching.

Directed by Michael Klich
Dop – Tobias Krettek
Production – Filmaton
Make-Up Artist – Denise Fickert
Sinnbus 2014


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