I Got a Fever and the Only Prescription is Morebarn!

I Got a Fever and the Only Prescription is Morebarn!

Be extremely warned that this music video is one of the catchiest tunes I have ever heard. When I first heard Morebarn’s guitar crooning “Silver Screen” I immediately listened to it three more times afterwards. While having an infectious song stuck in one’s head may cause insanity (and it did a little) it allowed me to pick up on the many references present in both the music video and the song. Johnny Cash, Napoleon, The Odyssey, and Van Gogh are only a few of the animated cameos to look out for when viewing this incredibly charming video.


Morebarn is the result of former music manager Gary Waldman’s covert nurturing of his own musical talent. Despite constantly practicing and writing throughout his twenty year managing career it wasn’t until a year ago that Waldman showcased his songs to longtime friend and record producer Jeff Hill. Together, these two assembled musicians for Waldman to work with and created the band Morebarn, a reference to the barn Neil Young recorded music in. Morebarn’s debut video “Silver Screen” is a perfect representation of how many artists and historical figures have influenced Gary Waldman’s music.


Packed with amazing illustrations, the video chronicles the hapless attempts of a man wooing love from his red-dressed unrequited paramour.  So great is the singer’s desire for love that he equates it to Napoleon and Josephine. That legendary couples may be celebrated for their romantic love letters but less celebrated for Napoleon divorcing Josephine due to her inability to birth and later stating that he “truly loved Josephine, but [he] did not respect her”. Sounds like a winning love story to me! In all fairness, those two are more of a peripheral couple in the video while extra focus is given to Johnny Cash and June Carter playing on their porch. While June and Johnny’s relationship was far from peaceful, their presence illustrates how grand and passionate the singer’s feelings are towards the lady in Red. Overall, the video is very heartwarming and authentic, making it the perfect video to send to that special someone who would be tickled by the many culture references.

While many of the videos on FDRMX are too different to fairly compare, I definitely put Silver Screen among the top of the videos I’ve seen on the site. The images of Napoleon, Josephine, Johnny and June Carter all waving to the singer are so disarming in the first few seconds that i can’t help but root for the two main characters to get together. Some may find it a bit too hokey and roll their eyes at the mushiness, but that’s the same attitude many have towards the idea of love in general. Take a look at this video. You won’t regret it.

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