Yes-or-No: Rod Jones (Idlewild)

Yes-or-No: Rod Jones (Idlewild)

Yes-or-No: Rod Jones (Idlewild)
Yes-Or-No- Rod Jones - Idlewild - PPcorn

In this installment of Yes or No, we hear from Idlewild‘s very own Rod Jones. Idlewild is a (mostly) Scottish indie rock band that hit it big in the ’90s. Their latest album, Everything Ever Written, was released in February of this year and was well-received by critics. Idlewild is currently on tour, and they will wrap up in December in Nottingham. Go see them while you still can, and check out Rod’s responses below.

1. Do you miss the ‘90s? – Yes
2. Do you eat breakfast? – No
3. Do you have any pets? – Yes
4. Do you sing in the shower? – Yes
5. Have you ever broken a bone? – Yes
6. Have you ever won money gambling? – Yes
7. Do you like being outdoors? – Yes
8. Do Scots do it better? Yes (except for the Welsh)
9. Do you ever get tired of touring? – Yes
10. Are you always nice to fans? – Yes
11. As Scottish men/a Scottish man, do you drink Scotch regularly? – Yes (I’m Welsh really though)
12. Are you ready to retire? – No
13. Are you religious?  No
14. Do you have a smartphone? – Yes
15. Did you like school growing up? – No
16. Are you a health nut? – No
17. Are you into sports? – Yes 
18. Do you have a guilty pleasure?  Yes
19. Have you ever worn a kilt? – Yes

20. Is your latest albumEverything Ever Written, your best yet? – Yes

Disclaimer: Yes or No is a segment in which people we select to interview are prompted with 20 questions, and they are asked to respond with either “yes” or “no.”

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