Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson: 'Trouble' Music Video Review

Iggy Azalea ft. Jennifer Hudson: ‘Trouble’ Music Video Review



Is there a song that features a diva of high caliber like Jennifer Hudson, and a constantly in trouble rapper like Iggy Azalea in one music video? Yes, my friends, there is. In February of last year, a video called “Trouble” was released on YouTube. Strikingly, there are just things in the industry that can be reasons for celebration while some just don’t seem right in any way. In the case of “Trouble,” it is ambivalent in so many levels. There are hits while there are also misses. How did the video do? It’s cute, but it’s awkward.

In doing a video post -“Telephone,” artists should be extremely careful because Lady Gaga and Beyoncé intensely mastered the art of utilizing policemen and lawbreakers as characters. If artists want the same theme, they should be careful not to look substandard in comparison. Again, “Trouble” is cute. At certain points, Azalea is really likable in what she does. However, the video is half-baked. It has a great concept, but it really is not executed well. The linear approach in the video’s narrative did not really help in intensifying the plot. It’s as though someone just wakes up in the morning and decided to visit the jail.

One great thing, though, about the video is the cinematography. It’s perky as pink can be. However, is it not too similar to what Christina Aguilera did in “Your Body?” So, we now have two great problems in the video. It tackles the “Telephone” dilemma while using the “Your Body’s” cinematic technique. The fusion, however, of the two music video classics only expose the shortcomings of “Trouble” in coming up to its own as a great music video.

Nonetheless, Hudson in the video is truly refreshing that viewers can already forget it is essentially an Azalea track, after all. Hudson delivers a solid characterization of the policewoman, while not losing her superior diva presence. Azalea, for her part, is fair but did not really come close to how Hudson delivers her role.

As a song, “Trouble” is fun to listen to. But, like the video, it does not really reach a climax. No specific standout moment would make it different from other cutesy songs out there. However, this time, we have to commend Azalea for coming up with fairly decent lyrics. Or should we just thank Hudson for elevating the song to another notch?

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