Iggy Azalea Is Not Happy With 'The Media'

Iggy Azalea Is Not Happy With ‘The Media’



Iggy Azalea may be wondering why she ever decided to end her social media hiatus. The rapper recently responded to a person who tweeted that the “Pretty Girls” single “flopped a little bit.” Azalea tweeted that it was difficult for the song to become a huge success because it was not promoted properly. She also made it clear that she was just a featured artist on the Britney Spears’ single. Some people took offense to the rapper’s tweet, and they believed Azalea was attacking Spears. Although she didn’t direct her tweet to Azalea, Spears would later send a passive aggressive message on social media. “Can’t wait to get back to Vegas. So thankful I have shows for the rest of the year to look forward to… #YouWantAPieceOfMe,” Spears tweeted. Most people are speculating Spears’ tweet is a direct attack regarding Azalea’s cancelled Great Escape tour.

It seems Spears’ tweet did not have any affect on Azalea and the pop singer’s friendship, even though it would appear the tweeting between both artists has caused a rift in their relationship. Despite the recent drama, Azalea wants to make it clear that she is not “beefing” with Britney Spears. Ironically, Azalea is actually blaming the media for all the controversy. “I feel like the media wants women in music to get out and mud wrestle each other. As a woman I take great offense,” Azalea tweeted. The rapper also wrote that she isn’t surprised the media is trying to create a “beef” between the artists. “No one is throwing “shade” or “shots” on either side of the table. The girl is my friend and I support her 100%,” she added.

All of the controversy surrounding “Pretty Girls” may actually help the song become more popular. It is currently Number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100, but the single did peak at Number 29 on the Hot 100 a few weeks ago. It has also charted on the Top Twitter Tracks (Number 2), Hot Dance Club Songs (Number 5), and Mainstream Top 40 (Number 23). “Pretty Girls” went to Number 1 in Belgium, and it has impacted the singles chart in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK.

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