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Iggy Azalea Pulls Out of Pride Performance

photo cred: ourimgs.com

photo cred: ourimgs.com

Looks like there is more bad news for Iggy Azalea’s Azaleans. One week after announcing the cancellation of her previously postponed Great Escape Tour,Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea has cancelled yet another performance. This time Azalea is backing out of her June 13 performance at the Pittsburgh Pride event. The cancellation is in response to the backlash that both Pittsburgh Pride and Azalea received after homophobic tweets made from Azalea’s account in 2011 began circulating on social media.

Azalea announced the cancellation on her Twitter account, posting an official message to Pittsburgh Pride attendees and everyone who she has offended or disappointed by her previous comments. Though she calls herself a “firm believer in equality” Azalea explained that she felt her “participation at this point would only serve to further distract from the true purpose of the event.”

Regarding her previous comments, the “Trouble” songstress apologized. “I meant no harm and deeply regret ever uttering those words.” Luckily, Iggy Azalea claims to have learned the negative affects her words had, stating “I meant no harm and deeply regret ever uttering those words. As an adult I would never use them, because I understand they play a detrimental role in the fight for issues that I truly do believe in.”

Last week Iggy Azalea shared another message with the public when she announced the cancellation of her Great Escape Tour. In a letter shared via Seventeen Magazine, Azalea explained that the project, which was postponed earlier this year, no longer met her creative ideals. Furthermore, Azalea cited exhaustion after “going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day.” She went on to explain that she would take the time for a break to recharge before proceeding with the release of a new album, which she is currently working on. Though her letter was well received by the general public, there have been some rumors claiming that the tour was cancelled due to poor sales.

Although this is Azalea’s second cancelled engagement in less than two weeks, things aren’t all bad for the femcee. Recently Iggy Azalea announced an engagement to her longtime boyfriend Nick Young of the L.A. Lakers. Also, Azalea’s collaboration with Britney Spears “Pretty Girls” is performing relatively well, debuting in the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100. Following a high profile performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, the single may experience a success similar to that Azalea experienced last year with the release of “Fancy.”

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