Iggy Azalea Rants at Papa John's via Twitter

Iggy Azalea Rants at Papa John’s via Twitter

Courtesy of mtv.com

Courtesy of mtv.com

While half of America was fretting over Kanye West’s well documented egomania during last night’s Grammy Awards, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea was engaged in a furious social media tirade directed at the fast food pizza chain, Papa John’s. Azalea’s online outburst came consequent to text messages she had claimed to receive after recently ordering a pizza from the chain.

Complex’s food-oriented outlet, First We Feast, published a series of screenshots and embedded Twitter posts last night detailing Azalea’s pizza-related drama. Starting at around 4:30pm (PST) yesterday, the rapper tweeted a series of messages at Papa John’s twitter account, saying: “@PapaJohns was my favorite pizza but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family members. And the supervisors at @PapaJohns refuse to send pictures of their employess [sic] so you can identify who it is that steals your information… You know, to protect their privacy… Too bad they don’t value the privacy of their customers also. #DamnShame.”

After her brief rant at the restaurant chain, Azalea posted a screenshot of a text message she’d apparently received earlier on Sunday, which stated: “Hello is this iggy azalea [sic] my brother had delivered something from Papa John’s to u and he gave me the number on Friday night i am ur number one fan call me back please… Is this u please answer u r my idol.” She captioned the screenshot with a tweet saying, “@PapaJohns I ordered a cheese pizza but instead I got tons of calls and messages like this one.”

This situation must be especially disconcerting for Iggy Azalea given the rapper’s public declaration of love for Papa John’s to Buzzfeed in May 2014. Azalea told Buzzfeed: “I eat [Papa John’s] like five times a week. No joking. It doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. Like, Domino’s tries to be fancy [with] herbs on top — it wants to do too much. It’s trying to trick you into thinking it’s something that it’s not. I’m not ordering pizza for that. If I want f***ing gourmet pizza, there are places to get it. I order Papa John’s because I want shit pizza and I want it to be really doughy and I want a f***-ton of cheese. I want complete shit. Papa John’s is fine being that for me.”

While Papa John’s has yet to comment publicly or apologize to Azalea, this episode seems to be the latest to illustrate the blurred boundaries between celebrity public life and private life. And Iggy Azalea herself hasn’t exactly done much to stay in controversy, of late. After several recent high-profile shootings of unarmed black Americans by white police officers, Iggy, along with other white pop stars like Justin Bieber, came under fire from all corners of the internet for supposedly co-opting and appropriating “black” means of musical and vocal expression but remaining tacit when politically important events transpire in the African-American community at large. This backlash has been championed by New York-based rapper Azealia Banks, who, in part, referred to Iggy as “Igloo Australia.”

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