Iggy Azalea Responded to 'Pretty Girls' Leak

Iggy Azalea Responded to ‘Pretty Girls’ Leak

Iggy Azalea Responded to Pretty Girls Leak - FDRMX

Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears‘ “Pretty Girls” single was officially released today, but the single leaked online two days ago. Azalea tried her best to prevent people from sharing the song online, and so she sent out a few messages on social media. The rapper went on Twitter and asked music consumers not to share the song’s links, but it seems the damage was already done. Before its release today, radio stations, blogs, and tons of music platforms were all in possession of the leaked “Pretty Girls” song.

As if she already knew asking people not to share the song was hopeless, Azalea decided to let people know that she contributed her vocals to the “Pretty Girls” chorus. “For the record, Brit and I are both singing the chorus’s [sic] together…I guess you guys aren’t used to hearing my singing voice,” the rapper tweeted. She added,”Saw some people missed that aspect, maybe when we perform it it will be more obvious hahaha.” Azalea and Spears will perform “Pretty Girls” at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, which will take place on May 17th.

Now that “Pretty Girls” has been officially released, Azalea chimed in on her Twitter page about the collaboration. “To be honest I’m over here acting like a total fan girl for Britney’s vocals on this song. Can’t. Stop. Listening. So classically Britney,” the rapper wrote. Spears also went on social media to talk about the new single. “Thank you all for the amazing feedback on #PrettyGirls!!! Going to bed now with a smile on my face. Have some more surprises coming soon,” the pop singer wrote on Twitter.

The music video for “Pretty Girls” was filmed in Los Angeles recently, and it was co-directed by Azalea and Cameron Duddy. The 1980s-themed video will be based on the 1988 movie Earth Girls Are Easy, which starred Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. Even though Spears and Azalea collaborated on the song’s chorus, the rapper decided not to take part in the video scenes that involved dancing. Azalea said she left the dancing to the expert, Britney Spears. The pop singer said it was a lot of fun shooting the music video, and she and Azalea didn’t take themselves too seriously during the video shoot.

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