The Indies - Emotional Billionaire (Official Music Video)

The Indies – Emotional Billionaire

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An onslaught of butterflies, bananas, blue parrot wings and rotating makeup models tumble onto the screen in the first moments of The Indies’ “Emotional Billionaire” music video. The “emotional” bit is in the lyrics – the “billionaire” imagery is strewn throughout, with unsubtle items that scream “exotic” such as chocolate bars, gold pieces, car-sized shoes and great suits. Every five seconds, the scene changes from models in black and white to one of the Russian band members slinking through black walls via slits of light. Whatever’s on screen, you never know when a barrage of falling pomegranates and pineapples are going to pop up out of nowhere to frame the dance sequence. When they sing “She’s not here, she’s everywhere,” the main gold-wearing gal splits into five versions of herself, making shocked and teasing expressions. At the end, a climactic meeting against a backdrop of stars is hidden by an explosion of flowers, ushered in by 2D images of cherubs. It’s a snazzy heartache dance beat that manages to stay kinda sexy without taking itself too seriously.  

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