Instrumenti - Don't Hold Onto Me (Official Music Video)

Instrumenti – Don’t Hold Onto Me

Indie pop band, Instrumenti’s, music video for “Don’t Hold Onto Me” is a unique stop-motion experience set entirely in black and white. The singer is suspended in air in the center of a plain, white canvas, accompanied by nothing but a mirror and a microphone. After a series of sporadic, stop-motion enabled movements, he’s placed on the ground and his mic falls perfectly in front of face. When the camera pans out again, the drummer is suddenly accompanying him in this space. As the song progresses into its intense, guitar driven chorus, the video cuts to contrasting scenes set in front of a black backdrop. Haunting, distorted images of the singer and drummer’s pale faces are shown as he sings, “animal communication, you are a part of mutation.” The song floats into its much lighter bridge, and the perspective of the video changes accordingly, showing everything through the reflection of a cracked mirror. Click play to find out what happens next in this impacting, incredibly abstract music video!

Directed by Uģis Olte
Reinis Traidās – director of photography
Lāsma Lagzdiņa – art director
Kristaps Epners – production/set designer
Gatis Belogrudovs – editor
Uldis Janpavlis – effects
Krišs Roziņš – workflow supervisor / online editor
Juris Kudeiko – 2nd unit camera
Mareunrol’s – costumes
Maija Gundare – make-up & hair
Viktorija Safronova – make-up & hair
Jānis Indriks – camera assistant
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