Instrumenti - Heartcore (Official Music Video)

Instrumenti – Heartcore

Instrumeti’s video for their single “Heartcore” follows the theme of life on “pause.” Opening to what, at first, appears to be an empty office, we’re quickly transported to other seemingly vacant locations; a restaurant, a rehearsal room, and someone’s living room, to name a few. The video progresses slowly, with the the camera panning outward in time with the song’s slow buildup. As the band’s frontman begins to sing, most of his face remains concealed from the full frame. This visual motif remains consistent throughout, and as the scenes change, other strangers making appearances throughout the video are depicted in this mysterious way as well. Aside from their singing mouths, time seems to be at a complete standstill, as no one shown in the video makes a single move. Just as the video seems just about as mundane as it can get, things take a strange visual turn. Click play to find out what happens next in this mind-bending indie pop video!

Directed by Indriķis Ģelzis
Jurģis Kmins – director of photography
Armands Začs – editor
Juris Zemītis – lighting technician
Evija Berga – costumes, hair&make up
Instrumenti thank to everyone involved:
Jānis Reinfelds – 2nd camera man
Jānis Jurkovskis – camera assistant
Jānis Indriks – camera assistant
As well as Evija Pintāne, Jānis Kukulis, Elvijs Menniks, Kaspars Murelis, Alise and Aija of Tasse Film, Gustavs Kukainis, Sandris Reimanis


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