Instrumenti - King of the Wild Things (Live)

Instrumenti – King of the Wild Things (Live)

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FDRMX faithful Instrumenti provide a rousing live production of King of the Wild Things. Even after many videos and an interview this Electro band still surprises. For this live concert the band pulls out all the stops to deliver the very best to their enthusiastic fan base. This particular song has a steady energy and catchiness to it that the audience can’t help but nod along to. With their titular instruments handy, the Latvian duo jam loud as they can to their repeated chorus of “if you fall away.” The honorary Instrumenti members off to the side provide the needed weight for the performance.
For a live performance, Instrumenti performs and sings with a surprising crispness, something to be cherished in a world filled with lackluster live performances. What’s more, the band sets up a blinding light show that adds a lot of intensity to the performance. That, along with the balloons, is reason enough to hit up an Instrumenti concert whenever the opportunity arises.

Directed by Uģis Olte
Filmed by Juris Zemītis, Uldis Jancis, Kaspars Cirsis and Reinis Helmuts Aristovs
Camera asisstant – Miks Ramāns
Edited by Uģis Olte
Workflow and grading by Krišs Roziņš


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