Instrumenti - King of the Wild Things (Official Music Video)

Instrumenti – King of the Wild Things

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In what seems like the opening credits of a horror film, Instrumenti‘s “King of the Wild Things” introduces a mysterious man driving in the darkness. The nonchalant driver smokes his cigarette while ignoring a phone call from home. The soothing lyrics can relate to the video as the man continues into the woods with winding roads, not having a care in the world. A woman, distraught with nothing but the hair on her head, suddenly appears out of the blue. The man frantically steps out of his car and searches for her. With the woman nowhere to be seen, he goes back into his vehicle where she reappears in the backseat. At this point, the viewer will ask his or herself, “what is happening? Where did she come from? Why is she naked in the woods?”

As the song steadily remains at a relaxing and “feel good” pace, the man keeps an eye on the back seat while pondering and possibly asking the same questions to himself. The car then rests at a pit stop where the view is nothing but lights coming from distant city buildings. The man smokes another cigarette while gazing upon the horizon and then makes a chivalrous act of clothing the naked woman with his coat. Now, here is where it gets interestingly exciting: the video will grab the viewer’s attention and the ending will make him or her think, “wow, did that actually happen?” “King of the Wild Things” is intriguing and the song completes the video’s theme wonderfully.

Cast Eva Vancāne, Reinis Sējāns
Directed by Uģis Olte
Screenplay by Uģis Olte, Lāsma Lagzdiņa
Director of Photography Valdis Celmiņš
Produced by Undīne Buka
1st Assistant Director Reinis Spaile
Production Designer Lāsma Lagzdiņa Kristaps Epners
Make up Artist Aija Ūdentiņa
Focus pullers Miks Ramāns
Camera assistant Ermīns Baltais
Aerial photography Mikus Meirāns Gvido Puķe
Steadicam operator Reinis Helmuts, Aristovs Gaffer, Juris Zemītis, Normunds Straševskis
Best Boys Jānis Kukulis, Sandis Kublačevs-Kudlačevs
Spark Armands Virbulis
Editor Gatis Belogrudovs
Visual effects artist Kaspars Murelis
Color Correction Krišs Roziņš
Composing Reinis Sējāns
Additional post Production sound Reinis Sējāns, Artis Dukaļskis


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