Intelligent Animals: 10 Smartest Creatures on Earth (Part 1)

Intelligent Animals: 10 Smartest Creatures on Earth (Part 1)

Because humans have climbed the evolutionary ladder to the top of the animal kingdom, the abilities of intelligent animals have become increasingly discredited. It is commonly perceived that humans are the smartest of all species because we are the “dominant” race, but what if the tables were to be turned? Animals don’t exactly have a method of communicating with our species, although this doesn’t prove them to be mentally inept. There are quite an array of incredible intelligent abilities in animals that we never knew about, and we are here to present the 10 most intelligent creatures on Earth! Don’t forget to return for our part two article, where we reveal the top five most intelligent animals of all!

Number Ten: The Bee. A creature’s brain size isn’t always indicative of their intelligence, even in proportion to their body size. Remarkably, the bee uses intricate concepts to map out the availability of flowers for pollination, using what can be described as a “kaleidoscopic memory”. They don’t quite think like humans, although bees are especially good at using symbolism and abstract concepts in their lives. They have also proven to be impressive architects, having designed the complex system of honeycomb hives for the optimal storage of honey.

Number Nine: The Octopus. Oddly enough, octopi have one of the highest capacities for retaining information. They are intense and deadly predators, and have been known to mimic other creatures as well as communicate with colors, patterns, and flashing. They use creative predatory techniques and are incredible problem solvers. They have even been known to have escaped from closed jars.

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Number Eight: The Elephant. We have all heard the saying about the impressive capability of an elephant’s memory, but many people know only that of the nature of this creature. Elephants are increasingly social animals, and can remember enemies for almost their whole lifespan. From studies of elephants in captivation, we have learned that they can communicate to other elephants up to five miles away, and have elaborate rituals for honoring their passed loved ones.

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Number Seven: The Ant. Ants are often taken for granted by humans because of their size, but the nature and civilization of ant colonies are more complex than most of us realize. The insects have an impressive memory when it comes to traveling, and can always find their way home. They are incredibly social, and one of the first creatures observed to exhibit agricultural and architectural civilizations.

Number Six: The Dolphin. Humans know dolphins to be one of the most intelligent species, being known to effectively communicate even with mankind. In addition to this, research has shown that the creatures can remember interactions for as long as 20 years. They can recognize themselves when put in front of a mirror, even when viewing other dolphins in the mirror as well. They show impressive adaptation of technology, such as wearing sponges on their noses to avoid scraping from rocks. They have also aided mankind over time, creating a relationship with us by alerting fisherman when fish have entered their nets, or even saving struggling swimmers at risk of drowning. Don’t forget to return for our part two article, where we reveal the top five most intelligent animals of all!

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