Intelligent Animals: 10 Smartest Creatures on Earth (Part 2)

Intelligent Animals: 10 Smartest Creatures on Earth (Part 2)

Intelligent Animals: 10 Smartest Creatures on Earth (Part 2)

The impressive abilities of the first five most intelligent animals on Earth listed in part one were absolutely amazing. Now, we have finally returned with our part two article! Animals have proven to be much more intelligent than we give them credit for, and we are about to prove that again with this article. Read on the discover the final part of our list, revealing the top five most intelligent animals on Earth!

Number Five: The Crow. Birds, in general, have created a reputation for their intelligence, but the smartest of all avian species is the crow. They have an impressive understanding of analogies and counting principles, and are even self-aware. They have also been renowned for their resourcefulness, using various tools to their benefit. Most surprising of all, they have shown an understanding of volume displacement in water, which they use to their advantage to access food in water.

Number Four: The Cockatoo. Also an intelligent species of bird, the cockatoo is capable of many impressive mental feats. They have incredible social nature, and can bond with human companions to the point that they endanger their own lives. They often outsmart their owners by discovering how to escape their cages by manipulating the lock mechanisms (and putting it back in place so the owner remains oblivious to their secret lives) and even appreciate the concept of dancing.

Number Three: The Anole Lizard. Lizards are commonly disregarded as unintelligent creatures, although this misconception has no truth at all. In fact, anole lizards have especially impressive cognitive function. They have exhibited use of long-term memory, as well as counting and problem-solving skills. In addition, they can also solve a variety of puzzles, and backtrack when their original solution doesn’t work out.

Number Two: The Dog. As man’s best friend, we probably aren’t the first to tell you how intelligent your canine buddy is. They have the cognitive ability to learn and comprehend up to a thousand words after hearing them from the mouths of their owners, even if they don’t have the vocal chords to communicate the words themselves. They are one of the most loyal species and are intuitive to human emotions, which is why most people love having them as domestic pets.

Number One: The Whale. As not many people have the ability to encounter many whales in their lifetime, their intelligence often goes unnoted. However, they are extremely social and cultured creatures. They often perform in large groups to enhance survival and hunting techniques and have creative methods of using their bodies to their advantage. Many of these unique techniques vary among herds, as the information is passed to young whales through generations. We really hope you enjoyed reading through our list of the top 10 most intelligent animals on Earth!

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