Interpol Announces New Album

Interpol Announces New Album

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It took four years, but on September 8th fans of the Post-Punk band Interpol will finally be treated to the band’s newest album El Pintor. The ten track EP will be their fifth as a band and will feature singles “My Desire” and “Anywhere”. Interpol debuted those two singles months ago but only today did they make any announcement of plans for their new album. Both “My Desire” and “Anywhere” were uploaded to Youtube by concert goers.

The newest album is great news for fans who were worried that it would take even longer for Interpol to churn out another effort. The band’s two year hiatus through 2011 and 2012 caused many to wonder if the band’s best years lay behind them.  In regards to the these thoughts, Kessler told NME that he feels very refreshed from the break. “We’re never lacking ideas or inspiration,” he said. “There’s always something new to be said, and if you don’t have something new to say, that’s when you should take a break. We got back together because we felt that some of these songs had a certain urgency. It feels new again.”

The band formed by guitarist Daniel Kessler and former drummer Greg Drudy when the two met while attending NYU in 1997. Though Drudy would later leave the band in 2000, the name Interpol stuck as the remaining members gained a foothold in the New York Indie music scene. In 2002, the band released Turn On the Bright Lights, which had a disappointing opeing but slowly grew into a successful and enduring album. Thanks to the British nationality of Kessler and led vocalist Paul Banks, Interpol found elevated success in the UK charts.

The announcement comes with the release of a “making of” video for the new album directed by Adam Levite. The three minute clip which can be viewed here features the ban in the recording session goofing around and having fun creating their newest album.

The announcement comes just as Interpol kicks off their newest tour tonight in Burlington, Vermont. The international tour will take them through New York, Germany, England, Poland, France, Los Angeles, and many other place before closing out in October for two consecutive performances at the Austin City Limits Festival. Tickets can be purchased at their website here.

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