Intervals Guitarist And Drummer Quit The Band

Intervals Guitarist And Drummer Quit The Band

Aaron Marshall today announced that guitarist Lukas Guyader and Drummer Anup Sastry have quit Intervals. This announcement follows singer Mike Semesky’s departure late last year in November and leaves Aaron Marshall as the only member in the band.

In a lengthy and extensive Facebook post, Aaron went into great detail and recounted how and when Intervals started. At the end of the post he concludes by telling that both Anup and Lukas have quit. He mentions that there were various contributing factors to the two quitting but the oft used reason of creative differences was a major one. Mike reveals that he underwent heart surgery in January of this year and ever since he got back to writing and recording, things hadn’t been working out with the other two.

In his own words “In January 2015, I underwent heart surgery. I was rattled, to say the least. This was a very dark time for me, but all I could think about, was how strong I was going to be when I came back, and how badly I want to make a new record. Months went by, as I spent day in, day out, writing new songs. It was becoming clear that the dynamic had changed and communication was at an all time low. Admittedly, that’s a two way street, but I was just so focused on writing that I figured, “its all good, we’ll get caught up…” Once we finally all touched base, it was very clear that everyone’s expectations for this record were quite opposed and after talking it out, we decided that it would be best to part ways.” He goes on to say that the breakup wasn’t anybody’s fault in particular and he wishes both of them all the best.

Vocalist Mike Semesky had parted ways with the band after joining the band in 2013 as the bassist and Aaron also sheds some light on his departure He says that things were not working out with Mike and also mentions his desire to front the band and his desire to make the band an instrumental one again as factors that contributed to Mike’s departure.

Finally Aaron also revealed that he has started writing and recording for a new album that will feature Cameron McLellan (Protest The Hero) on bass guitar and Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, Periphery, Sky Eats Airplane) on drums. Further guest collaborations are mentioned but Aaron refused to divulge any names.

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