Invader Ace - Catch Up World (Official Music Video)

Invader Ace – Catch Up World

Techno pop group Invader Ace’s video for their song “Catch Up World” is an unconventional, avant-garde twist on something we’re all familiar with: infomercials! The video opens to the sale of a bundle of ten ice cream cone shaped mono outputs. However, much the opposite of the orderly way in which items on actual infomercials are presented for sale, these items are tossed haphazardly into the frame. As the video progresses, the items offered for sale become more and more strange, presenting anything from a piece of raw steak, to half of a boom box. The video grows more bizarre as the song’s repetitive cadence picks up speed, and now, futuristic lasers and other high tech items are offered for sale alongside overpriced fruit (like a $32 banana, for example). The video concludes as the disclaimer for the items for sale scrolls down the screen, ultimately glitching out the system before the screen goes dark.

Directed and animated by Johan Toorell

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