Invader Ace - Heart Break Dance (Official Music Video)

Invader Ace – Heart Break Dance

Invader Ace – Heart Break Dance

At first it is hard to tell what is going on in the video for “Heart Break Dance” by Invader Ace; the disjointed sounds coupled with the relatively plain visuals of tall grass in a field are more confusing than anything else. Then, it seems like there is a spaceship landing of some kind, and from the bright light that issues forth from it seem to emerge humanoid aliens, who start looking cautiously around the field. Next, it is daytime, and there is a group of normal teenagers playing, hanging out and riding their bikes.  They come across a group of strange people in the woods near a field that are clearly the aliens we saw from earlier – they are dressed differently, and on top of that they move and act very strangely, as if they are awkward inside of their own skin. At the end their space ship, which looks like there is a rave inside, takes off and flies away before they can take the teenagers, whom they take captive, back with them.

Invader Ace plays dance music through old radios with tuba, guitar and drum machines.
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Cast and Choreographers: Chrisander Brun, Tove Brunberg, Franz Edvard Cedrins, Eliisa Erävalo, Edith Hammar, Love Källman, Nils Pyk, Sara Runsten, Nathalie Wahlberg & Selma
Director, Producer, Art Director and Editor: Aleksandra Sende
Director of Photography: Joshua Aylett
Producer: Kevin Luna
Spaceship Design and Construction: Jonathan Dakers & Agnes Florin
Art Director and Co Editor: Franz Edvard Cedrins
1st Assistant Camera: Filip Stankovic
Production Assistants: Anni Eckerman & Niklas Skoglund
Animation: Johan Toorell
Grading: Annika Pehrson
Stylist: Miranda Rudklint
Make-up Artists: Tobias Grönlund & Erica Hallsensson
Thanks to: Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning, Konstnärssnämnden, Emmaus, Stadsteatren, Johan Wik, Annika Pehrson, Peter Larsson, Niklas Valenti, Childstore, Jens Nilsen, Martin Törnström, Kamraten Filmuthyrning, Anne Källman, Mats Eriksson, Eva Brandelius, Stenhamra Stenhuggareby.


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