Iris - The Chase (Official Music Video)

Iris – The Chase

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In “The Chase” by Iris, the music video tells the story of a man who is trying to stop a woman from leaving town. It seems that they had a past relationship based on all of the hurt in their expressions, which are exchanged back and forth at her farewell party. The story is not sequenced chronologically, but instead focuses on brief glances and cutaways of him running down train tracks with flowers. This keeps you wondering how everything will turn out as small pieces of their story continue to unfold. Iris appears as the band performing at the party, and they also turn the train tracks into their stage. The literal depiction of the lyrics “But you could stop this train, just stop this train” puts all the focus on the music and the message they are trying to convey. At the same time, the warmly-lit party scenes and old-fashioned love story elements make it feel like a vintage Polaroid.

Video produced by: Ben Whimpey & Orseno Media

Songwriters: Richelle Boer & Kalem Bradborn

Performed by: Iris

Written by