Isabelle Andrivet - Ich Bin Bereit (I Am Ready)

Isabelle Andrivet – Ich Bin Bereit (I Am Ready)

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The magnificent and hilarious animated work of Carlo Vogele, a CG animator for Pixar, is portrayed in this Baywatch-themed parody comprised of wurst and other various meats. Taking place on a lovely sunny day at the beach, we encounter Madame Wurst (let’s call her that) relaxing under the shade of her turquoise umbrella with a bottle of wine. A mini hot dog runs away with her wine, and she chases after it. Upon walking in the sand dunes, she sees two cooked chickens making love. Other meats are introduced such as ground beef/pork, smoking sausages, ham, bacon and steaks. It is truly a sausage fest! Soft piano is played in the background until Madame Wurst begins to drown. Isabelle Andrivet‘s catchy track, “Ich Bin Bereit (I Am Ready)” begins to play as different Baywatch meats run in slow motion to save the damsel in distress. It’s a delightful short film with amusing sound effects and music.

Vocals and Composer – Isabelle Andrivet
Composer – Jean L’uc Spagnolo
Lyrics – Carlo Vogele


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