Issues: 'The Langdon House' Single Track Review

Issues: ‘The Langdon House’ Single Review

Rise Records

Rise Records

Issues is an American metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band was originally formed by Tyler Carter, Michael Bohn, Cory and Ben Ferris. All of them are ex-members of the band, Woe, Is Me, in 2012. Their first full-length and self-titled album came out on February 18th, 2014, hitting the No. 9 spot in the Billboard 200. The band’s style mixes metalcore and R&B, which is a very different mix in the metal scenario. Although it may seem very strange at a first, their music is actually very catchy.

The clean vocals performed by Tyler Carter, who has a different but impressive voice, fits very well in the band’s style. “The Langdon House” consists of good harmony between guitarist AJ Rebollo, DJ and keyboardist Tyler Acord and clean vocalist Carter. The track has a very melodic start and chorus. Far from despising the rest of the band members, don’t get me wrong, the drums and bass really stand out in the breakdowns of the song, conflicting with the clean vocals and synthesizers.

However, the screams of the unclean vocalist are not solid at all and not much consistent, due to the fact that he is rapping. And with a co-vocalist like Carter, that part becomes a down side for the song. The lyrics express anger, alienation, frustration and a bit of hope. The verses speak of feeling alone even when you are surrounded by people, frustration of being despised, and finally realizing that it’s all part of your imagination; they are pretty simple verses, yet convey a profound message.

Issues is a very different band, mixing a lot of genres and styles in their songs. If you’re a fan of metalcore, you should definitely give “The Langdon House” a try. It’s got a spice of R&B, accompanied with really good vocals. If you like it, you’d probably enjoy the whole album, so be prepared to open up your ears with a huge mix of various styles. Also, you can find more information about the band, tour dates, album, merchandise, and more here. You can also listen to some of the band’s songs while you’re on the site.

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