J. Kas - Star In The Ghetto (Official Music Video)

J. Kas – Star In The Ghetto

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J. Kas’ “Star In The Ghetto” features J himself making the rounds through a neighborhood he considers his own. The video opens to him standing alone on a vacant dirt road, awaiting the arrival of his unconventional chauffeur, and setting the scene for the journey the song takes us on. He rides into town on an ornately decorated pony and carriage, and the song’s communal themes begin to become increasingly apparent as he approaches the town and encounters the locals.

Although the video itself is quite simple, the director, Riffy Powerz, manages to capture the very essence of Kas’ anthem of finding contentment in the simplicity of everyday life in his “hood”. As he makes his way through the desert-like terrain, J. Kas raps passionately, spreading messages of positivity as the locals gravitate to him, and the simplistic beauty of the area and his appreciation of where he resides is truly captured.

Musician – J. Kas
Produced By – Mills
Directed By – Riffy Powerz
DOP – Felix Schmilinsky
Editor – Tom Chick
Additional Assistance – Alex Barber

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