j.viewz - Far Too Close

j.viewz – Far Too Close

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Reminisce about the 80’s in this ode to Footloose themed music video for Brooklyn songwriter, producer, and remixer j.viewz’ “Far Too Close.” The opening shot shows what looks like a most uncomfortable conversation between a boyfriend and girlfriend in a sparse apartment. She runs out, and he follows. It’s here that j.viewz’ distinct production style really kicks and the young man beings to dance, Kevin Bacon style. It’s hard not to dance along, especially once the special effects kick in making it look like the guy is climbing invisible steps, jumping and landing on thin air. He dances his way through the city with enough grace and form to make Billy Elliot jealous, until he finally reaches the warehouse his girl is hiding out in. They begin their make-up dance, tugging and pushing each other through the steamy industrial set, while j.viewz himself is visible singing behind a set of window blinds. A blue-filtered sax solo closes out the song’s music video, completing the 80’s motif.

Produced by EGG
Directed by Yotam Guendelman
Edited by Gal Muggia
DP: Eitan Hatuka
Color Grading: Damian Acevedo

 Website: jviewz.com
Facebook: facebook.com/j.viewz
Twitter: twitter.com/jviewz

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