Jack Kovacs - The Empty House (feat. Huxlee) (Official Music Video)

Jack Kovacs – The Empty House (feat. Huxlee)

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The Empty House” by Jack Kovacs featuring Huxlee is an eerie music video that will leave you with goosebumps. Initially, we see an incredibly filthy kitchen filled with dirty dishes, rotten food, and hungry flies. The kitchen faucet leaks a mysterious black liquid, almost like thick ink. The video is quiet for the first twenty five seconds, giving the viewers a taste of what’s about to come in this empty and rotten house. The camera shifts from the kitchen to the dining room where we see the back of a woman sitting suspiciously on the dinner table. The camera captures parts of her body, which is covered in the same black ink that was leaking from the faucet. Her veins are visible all over her body. As she plays with a multi-legged insect, she opens her mouth, leaving us with horrific images of her sharp teeth and infected mouth. 

The video cuts to the same woman and her lover lying in bed, embracing one another. The intimacy stops abruptly when the man begins convulsing and coughing out the black ink from his mouth. Jack Kovacs and Huxlee bring their vocals into perfect harmony alongside simple and dark melodic tunes from Kovacs’ guitar. Aside from the visual elements, the music will captivate you and leave you with chills down your spine. Continue watching and find out what happens in the end.

Recorded and Performed by Jack Kovacs and Huxlee
Directed and Written by Anna Zlokovic
Produced by Simona Kessler, Kevin Matré and Anna Zokovic
Director of Photography Powell Robinson
1st AD Olga Lexell
Editing by Anna Zlokovic and Powell Robinson
Production Design – Melisa Jane Dougherty
Art Direction Audrey Rosenberg
Prosthetic Design/Key SFX Makeup Artist Jill Fogel
Additional Makeup Marlaine Reiner
Latex Designer Alyssa Norman
Sound Design – Ankur Agrawal
Colorist – Powell Robinson
1st AC – Mary Brown
Gaffer/Key Grip Zane Tan
“The Empty House” Mix by Will Okun
“The Empty House” Master by Andrew Garver

Website: jackkovacs.com

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