Jack White Splices Icky Thump with Jay Z’s 99 Problems

Jack White Splices Icky Thump with Jay Z’s 99 Problems

Jack White Jay Z FinalPhoto Courtesy of animalnewyork.com

Jack White can’t help but get clever with covers. The most recent example was on Saturday night the 19th July, while performing at Louisville’s Forecastle Festival, White spliced together the White Stripes’ rock single “Icky Thump” with Jay Z’s famous rap hit “99 Problems.” Using the four-on-the-floor drumbeat from “Icky Thump,” White spits lyrics from the verses of “99 Problems,” stunning the audience for half a second until they catch on to what he has done, and then they start cheering even louder. Icky Thump was played during the set’s encore, and about three minutes into the video of cover-splice, you distinctly hear White sing, “If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son / I got 99 Problems, but a b*!#$ ain’t one!”

Currently on the home stretch of his North American tour in support of his latest album “Lazaretto,” White also incorporated spliced covers at Glastonbury Music Festival as well as in Dublin, performing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Kanye’s “Black Skinhead,” respectively. The cover of Jay Z’s song is the first of those three White has actually sung on, however. The rock-rap interpolation shouldn’t have stunned the audience too much, since the two mega stars have collaborated together in the past. A special vinyl edition of Jay Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album was released by Jack White’s Third Man Records, and the two have worked in the studio on some songs yet to be released.

Check out the video of White’s “Icky Thump” – “99 Problems” cover here. The full setlist for Jack’s performance at Louisville’s Forecastle Festival included the following list of songs: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, High Ball Stepper, Lazaretto, Hotel Yorba, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Temporary Ground, Missing Pieces, Top Yourself, Love Interruption, You Know That I Know, We’re Going to Be Friends, Cannon, Astro, You Gotta Move, Ball and Biscuit. For the encore Jack naturally received, he played were Icky Thump // 99 Problems, Misirlou, Fell in Love With a Girl, Steady As She Goes, Sixteen Saltines, Would You Fight for My Love?, The Hardest Button to Button, Just One Drink, and Seven Nation Army. Jack White fans can check out FDRMX’s review of his latest album Lazaretto here as well as read news about how the album’s breaking sales records (how did he do it?!) here.


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