Jack White to Take a Break from Live Shows

Jack White to Take a Break from Live Shows

Jack White to Take a Break from Live Shows - FDRMX

Musician Jack White is preparing to embark on a short series of acoustic shows before taking a step back from live performances. White performed at the first week of Coachella Music Festival and is expected to make a second appearance during the second week of performances April 17-19. Afterwards he will be hitting the road for a series of five acoustic performances across the United States. Once the tour is complete he claims to be taking some time off touring.

In an official press release, White’s decision was related to his years on the road and a desire for some rest. “After many years of performing in a multitude of configurations, Jack White is announcing that he will be taking a break from performing for a long period of time.”

White’s upcoming tour will be his first entirely acoustic set ever. The iconic former White Stripes frontman will be joined by an acoustic quartet comprised of Fats Kaplin, Lillie Mae Rische, Dominic Davis, and himself. The tour will allow White to play in the last five states across the United States that he has not yet played in, and he doesn’t plan to announce his performance until the morning of the event. Once announcing his performance, tickets will be sold for $3 at the venue until selling out. There will be no pre-order process adding to the intimacy of the show.

Although his upcoming tour will be acoustic, his Coachella set was a much rowdier affair. During his set he played music from a variety of groups he had worked with in the past including The White Stripes and The Ranconteurs as well as some solo material. He finished his performance with a live rendition of The White Stripe’s classic “Seven Nation Amry,” commanding fans to “put your f***ing phones down for five seconds” and join in.

In 1997 Jack White and his future wife Meg White formed The White Stripes and went on to achieve global renown. The band went on to become a huge success, and they performed frequently until disbanding in 2011. Jack White released his first collection of solo material in 2012. The album, titled Blunderbuss, topped the Billboard 200 albums chart and was generally well received. He followed that up with his second effort Lazaretto in 2014. Again the album topped the charts, although its singles have failed to perform to expectations. His large catalogue provides the musician with a wide variety of options to pull for live performances.

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