James Cameron: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

James Cameron: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

James Cameron really is one of a kind. No other director has made such huge monetary successes. Still, there’s loads to know about the man that many people don’t. Here are some more facts about this stern director.

Number Eight: His Chowder Was Spiked Once, And It Didn’t Go Well

On the set of Titanic, someone had managed to spike the director’s chowder, which ended strangely. One of his eyes became incredibly red (you couldn’t even see his pupil) and the other was almost as bad as a result.

Number Seven: James Cameron Smoked Weed

When the director was in college, he smoked weed. At least, that’s what his old roommates have claimed. According to them, they did it a lot. That’s creative fuel for you!

Number Six: He Put His Thing in What?

James Cameron has been reported to have put his genitals in a dead pig’s mouth, which sounds like a crazy night. Fortunately, for Cameron, there are no pictures of the event.

Number Five: He Made a Sexy Spaceship to Land a Job

Back in the day, James Cameron knew that there was a lot of competition when it came to getting the position of art director for the film Battle Beyond the Stars. Hence, he made a special ship model that garnered the attention of the director, and it was “a spaceship with tits.”

Number Four: He’s Done Voice Work

One of the ways that Cameron has contributed to the film industry is through his voice. Pointedly, the director performed the T-1000 screams in the film T2.

Number Three: He Sold Terminator for Dirt Cheap

Gale Ann Hurd wanted the rights to the Terminator film, and she got it under one condition. For one dollar, James Cameron would trade her the rights to the film, but only if he got to direct it.

Number Two: He Did This When Bush Was Reelected

James Cameron is not a fan of George W. Bush, and this much was more than clear when he revoked his American citizen application in 2004. Turns out he wanted no association with the nation when this man became president again.

Number One: He Saved a Rat’s Life

And, yes, we mean this quite literally. Working on the set of Abyss, one of the rats stopped breathing underwater. He saved it by giving it CPR. James Cameron is definitely one of the most interesting directors out there. Thank you for reading!

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