James Frost - Nameless (Official Music Video)

James Frost – Nameless

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In the beginning of “Nameless” by James Frost, the viewer will find his or herself at peace, listening to the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. We encounter a middle-aged man living alone in the deep woods of England. He survives by utilizing the natural resources he finds around him. The man chops wood for a bonfire, refreshes himself in nature’s secret waters, and sleeps under the vast night sky with nothing but a thin blanket. In his den are a variety of objects, such as chairs, gas lanterns, glass jars, funnels, and tubes. He finds a tree with a mysterious liquid hiding inside the tough bark exterior. As soon as he is finished collecting the sap from the tree, the experiments commence back in his woodsy lair. The lyrics are pure, honest, and perfect. With faultless guitar playing, vocals and harmonies, the entire video is exceptionally haunting, revealing truth and wisdom.

Track Written by James Frost
Produced by Owen Morgan
Video Directed by Ghost Herder

Download track here: jamesfrost.bandcamp.com

Copyright 2014 James Frost

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