James Wolf - Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)

James Wolf – Can’t Get Enough

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Can’t Get Enough” by James Wolf is one catchy track and the music video is just as appealing. The song slowly fades in as the video starts and soon you find yourself in a world of vibrant colors, shapes, and objects. Wolf’s lips are shown in the center of a pink triangle as he sings. The entire video is random, conveying dancing silhouettes, famous statues, and a variety of plants. It is a never-ending triangle that zooms into different atmospheres, which alternate between outer space and underwater. Wolf and the silhouettes dance to the beat of the song while fruits and fish float all over the screen. It’s a trippy, psychedelic video that is guaranteed to make you watch again. The lyrics are simple, as they portray a love obsession that is like no other. Wolf’s soft vocals coincide with the tropical house track. So, get on up, turn it up, and dance until you can’t get enough!

Directed by Lewis Kyle White

Written by