Jamie Foxx Ft. Kid Ink: ‘Baby’s In Love’ Single Review

Jamie Foxx ft. Kid Ink: ‘Baby’s In Love’ Single Review



From his fifth studio album, Hollywood: A Story Of a Dozen Roses, Jamie Foxx presents his single titled “Baby’s In Love.” This song features the amazing Kid Ink and together they sound just incredible. Jamie Foxx has a flourishing acting career going for himself, and now it’s time he took that success back to the music. A new album from the Django Unchained actor was released on May 18, 2015 and it was just what music entertainment needed.

You have most certainly heard “You changed Me” featuring the “Loyal” hit singer Chris Brown and “Ain’t My Fault” on which he is solo. I knew Jamie Foxx the musician before I knew the actor. Therefore to me, he will always be a musician first and an actor later. The news of a new Jamie Foxx album is exciting for me because he is one of the most outstanding male singers I’ve heard all my life as a zealous good music devotee.

“Baby’s In Love” has an upbeat feel and the beat is that beat that will oblige your feet to get you up and bursting those 90s moves you’ve always believed you can stroke. The song is happier than Pharrell Williams and Jamie Foxx accompanies it with the right lyrics to ensure that remains an aspect of the song. He sings “Something about that makes me wanna dance / something about that makes me wanna move / something about that makes wanna me get down / and get closer to you.” How happy must you be to have something make you want to dance, make you want to move, make you want to get down!? Jamie Foxx explains these symptoms, they are of someone in love. “Baby’s In Love” and she won’t stop till she gets what she wants.

I was a little surprised that this song featured Kid Ink. This is not his kind of music for he is more urban rooted and this song sounds more funk and old school. But he displayed a quality he had not yet had the chance to explore and show the world. That quality is diversity and the ability to remain fresh and in style even when he is clearly working outside his comfort zone. He delivers a well written, well-rapped verse that leaves you marveled at how he effortlessly flowed on this beat. His lyrics do not sway off the song’s concept at any point and it’s just Kid Ink presented to us in his full glory.

Jamie Foxx does well to give us this song. His vocals only get better with age and this song is a demonstration of what he is and has always been capable of delivering. Kid Ink was a complete surprise on this song but I am glad Jamie chose him to feature because we would have never known about this versatile side of Kid Ink.

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