Janelle Monae ft. Jidenna: 'Yoga' Music Video Review

Janelle Monae ft. Jidenna: ‘Yoga’ Music Video Review

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PPcorn art

Pop songstress Janelle Monae has a few commands in her hot and twerk-friendly new single “Yoga,” which compares dancing at the club to practicing the popular exercise routine; for starters, she wants to see you bend over and let your booty do that yoga. She also wants you to stay off her areolas (I couldn’t make that up even if I tried). If you were a little confused regarding how to follow the musical android’s commands, have no fear because she has just released the “Yoga” music video, and it serves as the perfect tutorial for how to break it down like a true yogi. So toss on your best Lulu Lemon gear and prepare to learn from the modern day yoga pro, Janelle Monae.  

In the Dave Meyers-directed “Yoga” visual, Monae appears as the yogi that we all want and need, levitating in her stunning apartment as the visual commences. The lighting is perfect, the walls are white and relaxing, and one look at Janelle Monae’s enlightened expression lets you know that she is prepared to take things to the next level.  And the next level is achieved as she makes her first demand of viewers: “let your booty do that yoga.” If she insists, I’m not one to hold back. Yoga doing commences now.

Suddenly, Master Yogi Monae is no longer alone in her peaceful retreat. A crew of dancing girls joins the musician for some stretching and jamming. The ladies dance in front of the mirror before effortlessly executing some more serious yoga inspired moves. As the scene develops, Monae leads her girls through a more choreographed dance number, complete with everything except a downward dog.  

Recognizing her title as Queen of Yoga, Monae is gifted with a crown, and she wears it proudly as she and her girls move into a real yoga studio for yet another themed dance break. Rapper Jidenna makes an appearance for a candlelit dinner in a sleazy diner before being joined by Monae’s yoga students who turn the diner into a dance club. What better place to practice your downward dog than in the diner?

“Yoga” is one of those songs that you hear once, and it ends up stuck in your head for eons. It is yet another fantastic offering from the diva, and Monae’s electrically elastic visual serves up everything that the single deserves. There is hot choreography, a peaceful setting, and a club to finish things up. Monae is entirely in control the entire time she is on screen.  Her persona is absolutely compelling, and she proves that she is more than capable of entertaining an audience with her many talents.

The visual is gorgeously styled, wonderfully presented, and a good time for all. I finished the video with a few desires. I wanted to live in Monae’s retreat like bedroom, I wanted to take a class with the pop siren, and most importantly I wanted to let my booty do that yoga. All things considered, I’d say that Monae’s visual was a raging success. Take a peek at Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” visual and let us know if you can’t help dancing along yourself!

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