Janet Jackson: 'No Sleeep' Single Review

Janet Jackson: ‘No Sleeep’ Single Review



Janet Jackson enters R&B paradise anew, giving every chick in the game, a heavenly musical sign of her return, on bass-bluesy “No Sleeep,” the buzzworthy single inside the profoundly anticipated eleventh studio album. Also, see the appropriate lyrics leap into the spirit during the infectious chorus, “You’re missing me, I’m missing you, Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep.” This song is present of sorts for loyal, authentic fans of albums, The Velvet Rope, and Janet. Burning gently in the background to increase the passion is the deep bass thumping enticing for deeper depths. Certainly, her catalog of hits adds a new member to the family because this is another outstanding number. Surely, flowing in R&B elements popular in 90’s Janet style this 2015 composition launches excitement immensely into the stars.

Mrs. Jackson implanted interest into her innovative musical importance merely returning to musical essence severely missing at radio. An artist whose hits span from Mexico to Hong Kong ensures her worth last from generation to generation. Surely, it is a very rousing to hear her comforting vocals generate and aide the project until the first premiere single lads on planet earth. To point out, “No Sleep,” is her first single in five years, since the song, “Nothing,” from the Why Did I Get Married Two? Soundtrack where she also starred as the lead actress.

Jackson is day-dreaming till time permits,”Day and night, I dream of us doing whatever / But I guess I’ll have to wait until that day comes.” In a crafty tone, she sings, certainly, “When I get to be together with you / Cuz we are complete, we ain’t gonna get no sleep.” Most compelling evidence of lyrical importance: “48 hours in love / It oughta be a weekend marathon / So you better get ready, my king / Cause I’ma be the queen of insomnia.” Jackson’s vocals ignite a favorable tone many have come to love. With this in mind, a possible single could work if released to the proper format where it would flourish and raise awareness appropriately.

Missing from her last album Discipline, Producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, reunite after nine years since the 2006 album 20 Y.O. In a hypnotic trance, this song provides natural R&B masterfully inside a deep vibrating rhythm. Must be remembered, last time they worked together a Grammy nomination occurred for Best Contemporary R&B Album on album 20 Y.O. To the eye, it looks like Janet needs to keep her musical partners near to guarantee massive airplay on UAC (Urban Adult Contemporary).

The first song from Janet in five years hits a home run without any delay and places her in the correct setting to adequately sustain interest until the first single attacks the airwaves later this summer. Not to mention, “No Sleeep,” has all of the exquisiteness of her biggest R&B hits records. Come out of hibernation because Janet Jackson arises in supreme form.

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