Japan: 51 Odd Things You Didn’t Know (Part 4)

Japan: 51 Odd Things You Didn’t Know (Part 4)



We really amazed you with our first set of 24 odd things that you didn’t know about Japan, and now we have finally returned with part four! There is so much more to learn about this astounding and unique country, and our list offers the best of the best facts that you never knew! Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts five and six, to see the remaining 18 odd things that you didn’t know about Japan!

Number Twenty-Seven: Lucky Superstitions

Most of us in America consider the presence of a fully black cat to be one of the worst signs of bad luck. However, in Japanese culture, it is quite the opposite. Here, they are actually an incredible sign of good luck.

Number Twenty-Six: Ronald McDonald

Oddly enough, our favorite fast food icon goes by a different title than Ronald McDonald over in Japan. They call him Donald McDonald because, well, there is no easy way to put this; the Japanese language doesn’t do so well with the pronunciation of the letter “R”.

Number Twenty-Five: A Bucket Christmas

In the United States, a bucket meal from KFC on Christmas Eve is usually the result of poor planning or an array of horrible culinary disasters. However in Japan, it is actually quite traditional to feast on the southern cuisine of KFC on Christmas Eve.

Number Twenty-Four: No Soaking for the Inked

Although the art of tattoos is becoming much more widely accepted in most cultures, Japanese culture still disapproves of the body manipulation. In fact, people with tattoos are often banned from entering bathhouses or hot springs in this country.

Number Twenty-Three: The Comic Crisis

Japan is renowned for its skill in the creation of Manga and comics around the world. The trade is so popular in this country that more paper is used to create comic books than is used for toilet paper.

Number Twenty-Two: Rabbit Island

Among Japan’s 6,800 various islands, there is one that simply hops above the rest. This country has an entire island that is absolutely filled with wild rabbits – whatever makes them hoppy!

Number Twenty-One: Friends in Need

Although we may choose not to acknowledge it sometimes, Japan is known to have completed quite a few good deeds during the chaos of World War II. During this struggle, the country accepted a large number of Jewish refugees, despite the mass Nazi German protests that ensued afterwards.

Number Twenty: Magnetic Transportation

With such a dedication to furthering the efficiency of transportation, the Japanese people have cultivated quite a number of amazing technological feats. They even have a magnetic train that reaches speeds up to 311 miles per hours, that appears to float like magic above its tracks.

Number Nineteen: Japan Across Borders

Japanese people aren’t confined to the borders of their own country; we have an extensive variety of Japanese-American citizens in our own country. However, Brazil is home to the largest Japanese population outside of the country. Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts five and six, to see the remaining 18 odd things that you didn’t know about Japan!

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