Jape - The Heart's Desire (Official Music Video)

Jape – The Heart’s Desire

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It’s a funky and colorful world in Jape‘s music video for “The Heart’s Desire.” Marbled paint of blues, reds, and yellows slowly seep out of tiny holes. We then are taken on a journey through crystal clear water filled with bright colored corals, translucent jellyfish, and tiny creatures that look like packaged peanuts. It is truly eye-catching, and the track corresponds with the visual elements seen in the video very well. The track begins with consistent drumming leading up to bubbling synths, big piano chords and a solid chorus with mesmerizing vocals. The instrumentation and electronic sounds are blended together perfectly, and you will find yourself swaying your whole body from side to side. Because Egan’s favorite instrument to play is the bass, “The Heart’s Desire” was conjured up from a bass riff. Aside from this ethereal track, others like it can be heard on their upcoming album This Chemical Sea.

Jape, Richie Egan
Video by Conor Finnegan

Website: thischemicalsea.com
Facebook: facebook.com/wearejape
Twitter: twitter.com/richiejape
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/richiejape

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