Jason Derulo ft. Jennifer Lopez: 'Try Me' Single Review

Jason Derulo ft. Jennifer Lopez: ‘Try Me’ Single Review



“Everything is 4” is one of the most talked about RnB albums if you hang with the right crowd. Jason Derulo is about to break records if we are to go by the stats the released singles have gathered. I am particularly excited for the great line-up of artists that will feature on this album. The most exciting one for me being Ms. Lopez. She features on an incredible song titled “Try me” and it will blow your mind.

This will be a great album and you are free to quote me on this one. Jason Derulo has displayed a remarkable growth in his musical journey and it is improbable that a man that has finally established a distinguished sound can fail to deliver on his latest album. It has been a tough journey for him leading to this album. Especially looking at his breakup with Jordin Sparks and how no one seemed to be on his side – who’s ever on the guy’s side anyway? But he rose above all that and he has prepared an album that will live up to the hype.

You ought to love any man that gives us back the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. And on that note, we love you Jason. When I stumbled upon “Try me,” I was torn between excitement and skepticism. The last time Jason made a song that got me completely blown away was when he did “It Girl.” It presented an alien quality of great music. This alien quality comes back on “Try Me” and it comes with the incredible Ms. Lopez.

It is one of those songs that captivate you right from the start. Jason Derulo sings the intro and takes the first verse on an instrumental that plays like it’s preparing your mind for a massive explosion. And indeed it is. By the time the chorus comes in, you have a rash from the goosebumps of the amazing sound of this song. “Try Me” flows calmly and keeps building the intensity as it goes to the chorus. Jason has his vocals on point like always is and he beautifully challenges her to try him. Satisfaction is guaranteed in the morning, evening, afternoon and night when she is with him. All this is seductively sang.

Then Ms. Lopez calmly lays her vocals onto the track for the second verse and you just die. It’s been long since she made such a noteworthy appearance on a song. “Try Me” bestows Jennifer Lopez as the pleasant surprise on Jason Derulo’s “Everything is 4” album. As she sings you feel the splendid vocals and notes comfortably flow to produce this highly enjoyable song. She is all about finding a place and getting to know each other first. She is not rushing for anything and she asks him to take his time before she also dares him to try her.

The best part of this duet is the effortless merging of two completely different styles by two artists I had never imagined would appear on the same song. Jason Derulo has the most unexpected collaborations and they often turn out well. However, as much as they are always unexpected, I didn’t see this one coming. When you throw such a surprise at the audience, it is a victory if it sounds this exceptional. The lyrics will invoke the intended feelings at the ripe moment, they will have you wanting to try whoever is daring you.

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