Jason Derulo Thrills With Energetic Performance

Jason Derulo Thrills With Energetic Performance

Jason Derulo Thrills With Energetic PerformancePhoto Courtesy of Wikipedia

The crowd in Central Park came in expecting thunder and rain but was surprised with a beautifully sunny 4th of July morning. This was the perfect weather for R&B star Jason Derulo to show off his moves to Good Morning America. Derulo dressed appropriate to the event, modeling a variety of patriotic attire while performing his top songs. Though the performance had a few inconvenient delays and false starts due to Live Filming (an unavoidable problem with morning shows concerts) Derulo kept the energy high while taking time to interact with the crowd. At one point a woman offered his GMA hat to Derulo, who gratefully accepted it before taking a selfie with the entire crowd behind him.

After a few tech runs, the show began with many dancers leapt across the stage as Derulo made his grand entrance. After a brief guitar intro, the Miami native sang “Wiggle” and “Talk Dirty” off of his newest album. For “Wiggle”, Derulo requested people to go crazy at certain moments of the song, to which the crowd had no problem obliging. In addition to those two, Derulo performed abridged versions of his two big hits “Whatcha Say” and “In My Head” to the delight of those in attendance.

For a free concert one can’t complain too much, but the constant presence of the annoying MC and constant delays makes it hard to stay energized. The best strategy is for those to find something to lean on or repeatedly bend one’s knees to keep from passing out. Bleachers are plentiful at GMA concerts though the distance may turn off those who want to be up close to the action.

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Overall the concert was an interesting, if unsurprising event. What did come as a surprise was Derulo’s announcement that his current Talk Dirty Tour will be moving from Europe to the US this October. The move to the USA was inevitable but the tentative date has launched Derulo fans crazy in anticipation for his American concerts. It’s quite a nice bit of information for fans to get on the 4th of July.

Speaking of which, have a Happy 4th of July to our American audience! Enjoy your day and be sure check out our additional coverage on Jason Derulo.

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