Jay Woodward: Howl (Official Music Video)

Jay Woodward – Howl

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Jay Woodward released his brand new music video for the song, “Howl.” The video starts with the image of a lone wolf, superimposed of a stunning landscape of the California wilderness. Expansive forests, rolling mountains, and clear skies. The wolf is symbolic of the animal spirit quality of Woodward’s music. This song defies classification into any one specific genre, but probably Indie be the closest fit. Having spent half of his life in a suburb near Rochester, New York, Woodward then ventured to the lush rolling hills of West Virginia for college. He eventually made his way to the sandy beaches of California where he currently lives. The sense of a traveling spirit can be heard in most of his songs, especially “Howl”. The wolf is the most appropriate image to visually manifest the way the song feels: wild and free. A natural born observer, Woodward’s lyrics are a culmination of self awareness and introspection. Basically, he is an innovator in the indie folk scene, combining modern production techniques with a classic approach to song development and engineering, reminiscent of the 1960’s and 70’s. His style of playing is multi-faceted. The artist uses recording techniques he picked up during his tenure as a sound engineer at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. The song “Letters We Told” is a unique look at America through the eyes of one of its sons.

Music by: Jay Woodward
Directed, Photographed and Edited by: Leslie Chou

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