Jay-Z and Beyoncé Rock On the Run

Jay-Z and Beyoncé Rock On the Run

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One of the most anticipated concert tours of the year kicked off last night in spectacular fashion. Power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z launched their On the Run Concert at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. The heat was in full force both on and off the stage with the temperature reaching staying over 80 degrees well into the night. Nevertheless, the crowd seemed to be more affected by the stellar performances from tow of the biggest stars of music in the prime of their careers.

We have previously reported on how On The Run may be one of if not the most lucrative tours of all time. Although reports of cheating and the elevator brawl had caused a dip in ticket sales, its proven to be a small dent in the behemoth of a tank that is the on the Run Concert. The tour is scheduled for all of the major cities in the U.S. and Canada with two concerts in Paris.

The opening song of “03 Bonnie and Clyde” corresponded with the outlaws in love theme of the night. This cleverly transitioned into “Crazy in Love” which was one of Beyonce’s first hit collaborations with Jay Z from the same era as “O3 Bonnie and Clyde”. It served as a fitting reminder o where it all started for the mega couple.

The rest of the concert focused more on the glitz and glamour of Beyoncé rather than the grittiness of Jay-Z. Each played the biggest hits from their career but the crowd was most enthusiastic (unsurprisingly) to the duets such as “Holy Grail”.

Most touching of all was the concert’s finale which revolved around a duet of “Halo” and “Forever Young“. During their performance home movies from their home life appeared on the screen, featuring footage of their daughter Blue Ivy. The message as clear: The two may be the biggest music stars in the entire world, but they’re still human (though as close to ideal as most people could hope for).

The concert schedule can be seen listed on our previous article. For those with an arm and a leg to spare, tickets can be gotten via the concert’s website.

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